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HyperComply is designed to facilitate updates to your Knowledge Base during the regular questionnaire completion flow. This means that you can remove outdated answers to security questions, dislike answers that are bad matches, and craft new responses to be stored in your Knowledge Base while completing a questionnaire for each of your prospects or clients. 

These are called Knowledge Management features.

Additionally, when an event occurs that changes your response to a certain security question (for example, becoming SOC certified) you can search your Knowledge Base, remove the outdated response(s), and craft new responses outside of your questionnaire completion workflow.

This article details both how to maintain your Knowledge Base while completing a questionnaire and how to maintain your Knowledge Base outside of the questionnaire completion workflow. 


1. Knowledge Management While Completing a Security Questionnaire

After you receive your autofilled questionnaire back from HyperComply, you can enter into the questionnaire to begin your review process


1A. Remove an Outdated Answer from Your Knowledge Base

During the review process, you may find an outdated answer has been autofilled in your questionnaire. (An outdated answer is an answer to a security question which has changed since it was first entered into HyperComply.) If an outdated answer has been autofilled in your questionnaire, you should remove this answer from the Knowledge Base.

  • Select the question you’d like to edit
  • The ‘Search Suggestions’ sidebar will open on the right to display the autofilled answer. Underneath the question and answer pairing, there will be a “Remove from Knowledge Base” link.


  • Click the “Remove from Knowledge Base” link to remove the outdated answer from your Knowledge Base in HyperComply. This means that the answer will not appear in search results moving forward, nor will it be autofilled on future questionnaires. 


1B. Unlink a Bad Response

In the case that you come across an auto filled response that is not a good match for the question at hand, there are two buttons you can use to unlink this answer from the question to which it was matched; a “Flag” icon () and a “Clear” button.

The only difference between these two buttons is whether or not you would like to clear the answer text box.


The “Flag” icon and “Clear'' button both have the same result – unlinking the answer from the given question so that the response is less likely to be auto filled on a question like this in the future. 

If you want to maintain the answer text, while simultaneously unlinking the answer from the question, select the “Flag” icon. This will still train the machine learning model as outlined above, but it will not remove the answer text from the response box.


To clear the answer out of the response box and unlink the answer from the question, select the “Clear” button. This removes all of the text so you can type a new answer from scratch.


2. Knowledge Management Outside of the Standard Questionnaire Completion Workflow

When an event occurs that changes your response to a certain security question (completing a compliance certification, moving to a new office space, etc.), you have the ability to change your answers before they are asked on security questionnaires.


2A. Add a New Response to Your Knowledge Base

To add a new answer to the Knowledge Base that does not pertain to an active security questionnaire, follow the instructions below. Contact your CSM or file through this site with any questions about this process:

  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Base page linked in the top left corner of your HyperComply account
  2. Click the green “+Add.” button at the bottom of the page
  3. Click “Reference Q&A”
  4. Complete all required fields 
  5. Click “Save” to save this question and answer pair to your Knowledge Base



You will have the option to edit the data after it's been imported by changing questions, answers, or deleting a Q&A pairing.


2B. Remove Outdated Responses from Your Knowledge Base

You may also want to remove an outdated answer from the Knowledge Base when a change in your security posture occurs. This can be done from the Knowledge Base:

  1. Navigate to the “Knowledge Base” page from the top left corner of your HyperComply account
  2. Search for the outdated response you are trying to remove (from our examples above: “SOC” or “Office” could be keywords to start with)
  3. Click the three dots on the right of the question and answer pairing, the click  “Remove from the Knowledge Base” 
    • Tip: Scroll down and follow the above steps on each relevant question and answer pairing 
  4. Change your search keywords to ensure you’ve removed all of the necessary answers


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