"Why" and "How" to buy HyperComply through the AWS Marketplace

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Why buy HyperComply through the AWS Marketplace? 

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that simplifies the discovery, testing, procurement, and deployment of trusted third-party software solutions that run on AWS. When organizations buy through the AWS Marketplace, they can be confident that the solutions selected are endorsed by AWS. Nowhere is this confidence more critical than in the security space, and that is why HyperComply offers HyperComply Respond and HyperComply Due Diligence on AWS Marketplace. 

The advantages of procuring through AWS Marketplace go beyond knowing that you’re getting a certified, trusted third-party solution. There are also budgeting and time savings bonuses:

  • Simplified billing and spending review: All billing is included as a line item on your pre-existing monthly AWS invoice. This helps avoid Companies from having to set up a new supplier and can have complete visibility over their spending in a single location.
  • Use AWS committed spend: It’s common for organizations to have multi-year enterprise discount program (EDP) commitments with AWS that have set timeframes for expected expenditure levels. So, teams considering HyperComply can retire a % of their investment in HyperComply against their committed spend. Ask the engineering lead at your company if this applies to you.
  • Unlock budgets during financial uncertainty: The option to procure HyperComply using allocated AWS spend makes for an easier conversation with cost-conscious finance departments. Cost-effective procurement with AWS can often let companies utilize pre-allocated spend to minimize objections.
  • Benefit from custom terms and pricing: We know that application security is not a one-size-fits-all deal. That’s why our private offer can deliver custom terms where required, and we offer flexible options.


How to get started buying HyperComply through the AWS Marketplace?

When buying HyperComply through the AWS Marketplace, simply contact your HyperComply Account Executive to designate that as your desired procurement platform or email partnerships@hypercomply.com to be connected with the proper parties.

To execute a transaction of HyperComply through the AWS Marketplace, companies must have (or create) an AWS account with their account, user, and billing information completed. This is required to configure the proper permissions to purchase. If a buyer does not have an account, they must create one and complete the required information. Speak to your engineering and/or procurement teams to find out if your business already is an AWS user with the proper steps completed.


If you have any further questions regarding HyperComply, you may submit a request to our team here.


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