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The HyperComply Salesforce integration allows two way communication between Salesforce and HyperComply:

  • Salesforce users are able to upload security questionnaires directly from the Account or Opportunity page
    • Salesforce admins can customize where the upload widget appears in their instance through the page editor.
    • HyperComply supports both file based and web based questionnaires in Salesforce.
  • For any questionnaire that is uploaded from Salesforce, HyperComply will update the Salesforce questionnaire record with:
    • A ‘Progress’ field indicating the percentage of questions in the questionnaire that have been approved in HyperComply.
    • A ‘Complete’ field indicating whether the questionnaire has been completed.

Note: these fields are currently updated once every 15 minutes in a batch to avoid using up your Salesforce API request quota.


Due to the two-way nature of the integration (both sending data from Salesforce to HyperComply and HyperComply back to Salesforce), there are multiple steps to get the Salesforce integration fully installed. Please note that there are detailed instructions on each of the HyperComply and Salesforce App pages to guide you through this process. The high level steps to install are:

  1. As a HyperComply user with the Admin role, navigate to the integration settings page: . There you’ll find a link to kick off the Salesforce integration installation as well as the ability to generate the credentials that will be needed for Salesforce to communicate with HyperComply.
  2. The link on the HyperComply integration page will take you to the Salesforce package installation page. Follow the corresponding steps in Salesforce to complete the setup.

Note: A Salesforce admin will need to install the package.


Note: there are instructions in step 2 of that page to create a ‘Named Credential’ to communicate with HyperComply. These are the credentials needed to connect with the HyperComply integrations page. You will need to perform this step before the ‘Verify API Key’ step will succeed. 

Once the final step is complete (adding the Questionnaire Upload screen to the Account or Opportunity page), your integration is live. Please feel free to upload a test file and submit a request to our Support team to inform us that the file is for testing purposes. This way we can help ensure that this file is imported, and the upload and progress updates are working correctly.

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