Salesforce Integration - Submit Questionnaires and Track Progress

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This article details how to use the Salesforce Integration. To set up the Salesforce Integration for the first time, click here.

HyperComply’s Salesforce Integration is used to submit new security questionnaires and track their progress.

Anyone in your Salesforce organization can submit a new questionnaire to HyperComply, even if they do not have a HyperComply account.


To submit a new questionnaire, navigate to the Opportunity associated with this security assessment. (Depending on the way your organization has set up the Salesforce Integration, this may be on an Account rather than an Opportunity.)

  1. You will see a HyperComply widget with the option to “Upload Files” – click there to begin the process
  2. You will be prompted to select an Owner. This is the person who will receive email notifications when this questionnaire has been pre-filled by HyperComply. (This person needs to have a HyperComply account.)
  3. You can optionally select a Due Date for this security questionnaire, which is the date your client or prospect needs the completed questionnaire returned
  4. Click submit!

This information will be reflected in your HyperComply account.

As the Owner completes this security questionnaire, a progress bar will update in Salesforce displaying the amount of the questionnaire that has been completed. The progress bar syncs every 15 minutes. 


This video demonstrates how to submit a new questionnaire via HyperComply’s Salesforce integration:

SFDC Integration - HyperComply Demo

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