Sharing Questions via the Slack Integration

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To read how to set up the Slack Integration, click here.


Sending Question(s) to an Individual User

To send a question via Slack, first, navigate to the question and answer pairing you would like to share.

  • Click the "More" button on the toolbar underneath the Q&A pairing
  • From here you can "Share to Slack"


  • Select your team member from the dropdown list


  • You also have the option to send multiple questions, to do this, select the checkbox to the left of the question text, select all the questions you would like to send, and then click Share to Slack in the top right corner.



If you choose to send via Slack, the question will be sent to your team member as a DM from HyperComply. 


Links can be sent to anyone at your company, but the ability to edit answers is also restricted to only users with connected accounts.


Sending Question(s) to a Shared Channel on Slack

To send a question to a Public channel on Slack, first, navigate to the question and answer pairing you would like to share.

  • Follow the steps as outlined in the section above:
  • Click "More" on the toolbar below the Q&A pairing
  • Click "Share to Slack"
  • Instead of selecting an individual user, search for and select the public channel to which you would like to send this question
  • Click "Share"

That's it! Your question has been shared to the public channel. Anyone in the channel will be able to view the question preview.

Anyone in that channel who is a user of HyperComply and has connected their account to Slack will be able to provide or edit an answer to the question right from Slack.


Answering a Question

Once you have been sent a question, you can add or edit an answer directly from Slack. (This option is only available for users in your workspace who have connected their Slack account to HyperComply.)

  • Click Edit Answers to complete in Slack
    • If you have not yet connected your Slack account to HyperComply, you will be prompted to do so in order to answer the question


  • Enter your answer and click Save
  • Saved answers will appear in real-time. You may need to refresh the app if your browser was open before clicking Save

Click here to watch a video example.


If your organization uses Knowledge Segments, those assigned to the questionnaire will be displayed above the question on the Slack preview.


You can also share the question using the Copy Link button.


  • Click the link provided to open the question & answer pairing within the HyperComply web app, and add your answer there.

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