Create a Data Room

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HyperComply's Data Rooms are used to securely share documents with other parties and includes the use of industry leading best practices such as NDA gating and watermarking.

To create a Data Room follow the steps below:

1. Select Data Rooms from the sidebar on the left


2. Select '+ Create data room'


3. Complete the Data Room information



  • Data room name: the name of your Data Room, this will be shared with your customer(s)
  • Relationship owner: the user from your organization who you want to receive and approve any access requests for this Data Room
  • Customer: this is used to link the Data Room to a specific customer's profile in your HyperComply account, this makes it easy to view all activity for a customer in one place
  • Expiration date: optionally, you can elect to automatically expire the Data Room, thus revoking access on a specific date
  • Show download button to guests: checking this box allows approved guests in this Data Room to download materials, if the specific documents added have watermarking turned on this will appear on the downloaded material in addition to being visible on the preview
  • Show Guest Access list to guests: checking this box allows approved guests in this Data Room to view other approved guests. If you are using one Data Room for multiple customers you will likely want to uncheck this box
  • Allow guests to upload files: this will allow guests of the Data Room to upload their own files

4. Select 'Create'

5. Add files to your Data Room using '+ Add files'. You'll be able to select files already in your HyperComply account or upload files directly from your local machine

6. Toggle on/off whether you want to require a click-through NDA before guests access the Data Room

7. Invite your guests

8. View or download the activity report



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