Add an NDA to a Data Room

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HyperComply’s Data Rooms are a great way to share materials between you and your prospects or customers. For added security, we include an optional click through NDA for guests to acknowledge before accessing a Data Room. This ensures that if there is any sensitive information in a Data Room, all guests must adhere to the NDA before accessing that information. Below are the steps to setting up the NDA process:

1. Access the desired Data Room by selecting it from your list of Data Rooms or create a new Data Room 

2. Under Data Room Details on the right toggle 'Require NDA' to on

3. Select the pre-populated NDA by clicking on the three dots to the right and select Edit NDA


4. Paste in your customized NDA text and Acknowledge text (or use the pre-populated text)


5. Select 'Save new version'

6. Guests accessing this Data Room will now by required to agree to your click-through NDA and you'll see this in the Activity log

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