Vanta Integration

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With HyperComply’s Vanta integration, you can seamlessly pull policies, evidence and controls from your Vanta account into HyperComply. This helps you respond to security questionnaires 12x faster and easily keep your Trust Page up-to-date automatically.

You will see Vanta policies and documents populate in the Documents and Security Profile sections within HyperComply. Follow the steps below to complete the integration:


1. Generate your API Token in Vanta

Login to your Vanta account and navigate to Settings > API Tokens > Create. Click Create to generate an API key that you will copy and paste into HyperComply.


2. Paste the API Token in HyperComply

Inside your HyperComply account navigate to Settings > Integrations > Vanta and add the API Token.


3. Sync

Press Sync and all existing Vanta security policies, evidence and controls will be pulled into your HyperComply Security Profile.


4. Review your Security Profile & Documents in HyperComply

A portion of your Security Profile will be filled out using your Vanta material. Anything that has come from Vanta will have a badge indicating it is Vanta sourced.


Additionally, your sourced policies or security documents will be stored securely in the Documents section. Anything with a Vanta badge is referencing material pulled from your Vanta account.


Now that you have set up the integration, using your updated HyperComply Security Profile and Vanta sourced Documents, this will now be used when you submit a security questionnaire in HyperComply to be filled out.

Please contact your CSM or submit a request here if you have any questions.

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