Apply Knowledge Segments to Questionnaires

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To apply a Knowledge Segment to a new questionnaire, begin your preferred questionnaire submission workflow.

Once you have uploaded the file, you will be prompted to select a segment. 


Once you select a segment and submit the questionnaire, the segment applied means that the autofill will only draw from other answers included in that segment. 

Note that you cannot apply multiple segment values that are listed under the same segment name. For example, if your segment name is “Region” and your segment values are “Europe” and “North America,” you can only select one of either “Europe” or “North America.”

If your organization often receives questionnaires that are applicable to a number of your products, regions you operate in, or other triggers for answering the same security question differently, you should create “stackable” segments as outlined above. 

(Note: If your autofill rate is lower than expected, it may mean that there is little to no answer data available under the selected segment.)


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