Trust Pages Authentication and Enhanced Customization (November 2023 Release)

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This Trust Page update focuses on improved authentication, customizable content control, and an upcoming feature for proactive user engagement. Our goal is to provide a more secure, flexible, and user-friendly experience for managing your public-facing security posture.

Embedded Data Rooms on Trust Pages

  • Previously: Visitors requested documents, leading to the generation of a data room to which they were invited.
  • Now: Data rooms are available directly via the Trust Pages, incorporating an authentication layer for security and efficiency.
  • Proactive Invites: Soon visitors can be directly invited to Trust Pages via Salesforce or the Trust Page admin panel.

Authenticated Content on Trust Pages

  • Previously: All Trust Page content was public.
  • Now: Admins can designate specific content, such as FAQs, to be accessible only to authenticated users, enhancing content relevance and security. Documents can also be restricted even for authenticated users.

Entirely Customizable Content

  • Capability: Admins can now include policies and certifications from multiple products and business lines on a single Trust Page, and can arrange the content any way they like.
  • Benefit: This allows for a more comprehensive and versatile display of relevant information without being locked into the structure of Security Profile.

Dedicated Trust Pages for Individual Clients (Requires Add-On)

  • Feature: Create dedicated, one-off Trust Pages for individual clients.
  • Purpose: Acts as a client portal, containing information and resources tailored specifically for one customer, enhancing personalization and client engagement.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Accessibility: Direct invitations for guests without waiting for access request approvals.
  • Enhanced Security: Authentication ensures that sensitive content is protected and only accessible to the right audience.
  • Customized Experience: Ability to showcase a broader range of relevant company information and personalize pages for individual clients.


Use Case Support

  • Prospect and Customer Due Diligence Portal: Create customized Trust Pages for each client, providing a secure portal for sharing sensitive documents required for due diligence. Can also be used to store past security reviews and reference materials for repeat annual assessments.
  • Vertical-Specific Pages:  Create customer segment-specific pages, like separate ones for legal and finance, to share relevant documents and policies, ensuring targeted, industry-specific compliance and information access.
  • Region-Specific Trust Pages: Create region-specific private pages, like one for North America and another for EMEA, ensuring compliance with local regulations and offering tailored content for distinct market needs and preferences.
  • Audit Preparation and Sharing: Companies can use Trust Pages to prepare for audits by organizing all necessary compliance and policy documents in one place, easily accessible to auditors.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: During M&A activities, Private Trust Pages can act as a secure data room for sharing confidential information like financial reports, legal documents, and due diligence files.
  • Investor Relations: Companies can create dedicated Trust Pages for investors, providing them with updated financial reports, governance documents, and other relevant information in a secure manner.
  • Government Contracting: Government contractors can use Trust Pages to securely share compliance and policy documents relevant to government regulations and contract requirements.
  • Real Estate: Mortgage brokers often handle sensitive financial documents from clients, such as income statements, credit reports, and personal identification information, which are crucial for mortgage applications. Similarly, real estate agents may need to share confidential documents like property disclosures, inspection reports, and legal contracts with buyers, sellers, and legal entities.
  • Legal (Wills & Testaments): Law firms and estate planners may need to securely manage and share wills and testament documents with clients and relevant parties.


In-depth example for Wills & Testaments (Legal)

  • Scenario: Law firms and estate planners use HyperComply Trust Pages to securely manage, share, and collaborate on wills and testament documents with clients and relevant parties.
  • Functionality: Create dedicated, secure Trust Pages for each client to upload, view, and manage their will and testament documents.
  • Client Collaboration: Clients can securely access their documents.
  • Access Control: Set permissions for different parties, like family members or executors, to access specific documents as per client directives.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure sensitive documents are protected in compliance with legal standards and privacy regulations.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines the process of revising, and finalizing wills and testaments, saving time for both the client and the legal team.

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