Add Modules to Your Trust Page

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HyperComply provides a great deal of customization when it comes to your Trust Page from branding, white labeling, page layout, and even adding custom modules. These modules are meant to be added if there is any additional information that you’d like to live on your Trust Page that is not a part of HyperComply’s preset list of items.


Setting up these modules is incredibly simple:

1. Access your HyperComply Trust Page

2. Select the “+” icon that’s located above the first set of modules


3. Add the title of the new module and select if this should be shown to all guest or only authenticated users


4. Add content to this new module. This can include documents, free text, or even additional information from your Security Profile


Similar to the other modules that live on the Trust Page, you can drag and drop this to anywhere on your Trust Page to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience for your customers or prospects.

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