Launching Your Trust Page

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This article guides you through the most critical steps of setting up your HyperComply Trust Page. Need more help? Reach out to your HyperComply CSM and get a personalized walk thru.


Step 1: Add your cover photo, logo, and brand colors:

HyperComply will attempt to import your company’s cover photo and logo but these can be customized by tapping on them.

You can also update the theme color by opening the design panel and customizing the colors.


Step 2: Add Policies and Certifications from your Security Profile

The Security Profile streamlines document organization and ensures they remain current. Typically, companies first finalize their Security Profile, and then use ‘Add from Security Profile’ to populate their Trust Page, eliminating the need for updating a document in more than one location.


You can also modify the default Trust Page layout by adding additional modules. These modules can be used to house security breach announcements, frequently asked questions, or information about additional products and services.


Step 3: Configure your NDA

HyperComply can help enforce NDA signatures when guests access the authenticated state of your Trust Page. An NDA can be added in the Access panel. 


If you haven’t done so already, remember to select which documents require an NDA.


Step 4: Setup Access Control

You can choose to display documents either to the general public or only to authenticated guests. Furthermore, you have control over how these documents can be accessed by adjusting the document request settings:

  • "Can View" indicates that the document is openly accessible for viewing.
  • "Locked" means the document is accessible only upon request.
  • "Hidden" implies that while the document's title is visible, it cannot be viewed or requested. 


You can preview the Trust Pages appearance for authenticated users by toggling the View Mode in the action bar.

Step 5: Configure Your Integrations

  • Slack and Teams: Get guest access request notifications directly in your chat app.
  • SalesForce: Empower your sales reps to invite guests to Trust Pages from SalesForce

Instructions for configuring these integrations can be found in Settings.


Step 6: Ask your HyperComply to Configure your domain

HyperComply can setup a free domain for you at, or we can work with your tech team to setup domain masking such as

Step 7: Publish & Invite Guests to Your Trust Page

Once you’ve published, you can proactively invite guests to your Trust Page. 


When it’s time to update your Trust Page, you can alert your customers by sending an email announcement.



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