Review a Questionnaire

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When your questionnaire has been auto-filled and quality assured, a member of the HyperComply team will send you an email notification that the file is ready for review. 

To review the responses, approve the correct ones, and fill in any missing responses, your team can access the questionnaire through the link provided. 

Once a questionnaire is ready for your team’s review, it will appear under the label “Ready to Review” on the Questionnaires page.

On the Questionnaires Home page, you can view the following information:


  1. The customer for whom you are completing the questionnaire (e.g., Google)
  2. The file name (e.g., Questionnaire Format Ideal)
  3. Progress bar (Green indicates responses that have been reviewed and approved; Orange indicates responses that need approval; Gray indicates questions that were not completed by HyperComply)
  4. Next Step (with the number of questions that need to be answered or approved)
  5. The file Owner (will show the initials of the owner’s name, e.g., NP. When hovering over the text, it will display their full name)
  6. When the file was last updated (number of days ago)


Review Your Prefilled Questionnaire

To begin reviewing your questionnaire, follow these steps:

1. Select your file: To access the file, you can click the link you received in your email if you are the Owner. 

Otherwise, you can go to the “Active” tab by clicking on “Questionnaires” from the left main menu and selecting the file you want to review under the “Ready to Review” status



2. Locate Progress Bar: The progress bar displays the answer status for each question in the questionnaire. 

Once you click on the questionnaire, you will find the bar at the top of the screen. You can hover your cursor over the progress bar to see the number of questions with each status or click “Filter” near the top of the page.

3. Approval process: To begin, you can filter for answers that have been completed by the HyperComply team by clicking the Orange portion of the progress bar or selecting “Needs Approval” from your answer status Filter. 

Once you have done this, you can mark correct answers as Approved either by clicking “Approve” or by pressing lowercase “e” on your keyboard.

When answers are marked as Approved, it indicates that this is the final response that will be sent to the client or prospect.

Approved answers will appear in search results and will be used to autofill future questions. (Please note that unapproved answers may still appear in search results if the “Approved answer only” search filter is toggled off)



4. Complete the missing answers: Click on the “search” button to access your Knowledge Base and search for the best matching answers. Once you have found potential answers from your team’s documentation or previous questionnaires, you can input them by following these steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over the response to see an arrow pointing to the left.
  2. Click on this arrow.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear, showing different answer field titles from your questionnaire. These are usually something like “Response” or “Answer” along with a secondary field titled “Additional Comments” or “Justification”. (Please note that HyperComply always uses the language present in the source file.) 
  4. Select the answer field where you want to insert the chosen response
  5. Additionally, you can utilize the “Generate Answer” feature which allows you to generate a new response by leveraging your documents, policies, and previous Q&A pairs


To collaborate with your team members on these responses, see our support articles on Tagging and Commenting and Assigning a Question

To provide documentation, read more about uploading documents to HyperComply.

Once all of the answers meet your satisfaction, you have the option to Approve them all at once in bulk. To do this, click on the blank box located in the bottom menu. This action will highlight all of your answers, allowing you to select “Approve”.

5. Mark your questionnaire as a complete and download it: Once you have approved all of the answers, you will be prompted to mark your questionnaire as “Complete.” 

This indicates that this is the final version of the questionnaire that will be sent to the client or prospect.

Simple click the button that says “Download and mark as complete”. This action will move the file from the “Active” tab to the “Completed” tab, and all of the approved answers will be added to your Knowledge Base.



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