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Uploading your company policies, audit reports, and other documents and certifications to HyperComply is a great way to provide additional context in your Knowledge Base. Your Documents page can also be used as a hub to store all of these files securely for easy internal access.

Documents you store in HyperComply can be made searchable, eligible for attachment, and/or tagged as requiring an NDA.


To upload a document:

  1. Sign into HyperComply
  2. Select the 'hamburger' menu on the top right
  3. Select "Documents
  4. Select "Upload a Document" and add the file you'd like to upload
  5. A pop-up window will appear requesting some additional information about the file -  including an expiration date, an option to make your document searchable, to make it attachable, and/or to display as “NDA required” 
  6. If you have the Segmentation feature, you will also be prompted to select a segment (If you do not have the Segmentation feature, but would like to segment your documents, please reach out to your representative for additional information)




Read more about Document Expiration Dates here. 


Making the document searchable

You should toggle this on if you want these documents to be searchable within your Knowledge Base. (They will not be searchable on the web or available publicly.)

This means when completing a questionnaire or searching the Knowledge Base, the text from your document will appear as a search result when applicable.

For example, if there is a question about encryption, your end-users can view your encryption policies broadly from search and pull in what they need to best answer the question.

You should toggle this off if you only need a secure area to house this document, and do not want to use the contents to inform security answers. Another reason to toggle this off is if your policy documents are currently under review and will soon change.


Allowing the document to be shared with customers

This toggle allows users to attach this document to questionnaires. You should toggle this on if you want this document to be eligible for attachment on any questionnaire.

You should toggle this off if you do not want this document to appear in the list of documents after a user clicks "Attach."





Flagging document as requiring an NDA

You should toggle this on if you are uploading sensitive information that requires your customers to sign a nondisclosure agreement in advance of receiving the document. 

A tag will appear next to the document stating "NDA Required" to alert your end-users not to attach this document to a questionnaire unless the customer has signed an NDA.

You should toggle this off if you are uploading a file that is publicly viewable on your company's website or regularly shared with customers.


Once you've made your selections, click "Finish" to upload the document to your HyperComply account. You can edit any of the selections you made by clicking the "Edit" button to the right of the document name.

You can also preview, download, or delete your document:

  • Use the magnifying glass for a "Quick Look" preview of the document.
  • Click the arrow to download the document to your desktop.
  • Click the trash can to delete the document from your account. 

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