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Security Profile allows your team to access and change some of the most common security questions all in one organized hub, creating a structured list of compliance data. 

Since the questions in Security Profile are not contained in an active questionnaire, our software is not limited to a single way these questions can be asked. Your answers will be applied to a wide variety of ways any question can be worded on security questionnaires, which results in the support from Security Profile answers generating a higher autofill rate for your questionnaires. 

To view and edit your Security Profile, select “Security Profile” at the left side bar menu of the window. From there, you'll be able to see three main categories located on the left hand side of the page titled General Information, Compliance, and Security. You can change your answers at any time. 

You will also see a task bar indicating how many answers have been approved, need approval, or questions still unanswered.


General Information

The General Information section contains questions about your organization, product, and other general company information.




The Compliance section is where you can upload files or certifications for your audit reports and denote which requirements your organization is compliant. This currently includes GDPR and SOCII compliance.


In this section, you can provide links to external-facing policies or upload files. This means that by attaching your company’s relevant documents in the Documents section, a "Yes" will be autofilled for any questions asking whether your organization has established this policy.




Note: Uploading policies to Security Profile will result in these policies being stored under the Documents page. This is where you can go to change the document name, owner, due date, and other settings related to the document. 

If any members of your team have questions about Security Profile, please reach out to your CSM.

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