Commenting and Tagging in a Questionnaire

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Commenting and tagging in a questionnaire is a useful feature when you need to leave a note for yourself or communicate with your teammates regarding specific questions and answers.

You can leave comments, tag team members to ask questions, request feedback, or notify each other of re-assignments. It is important to note that internal comments left on a question and answer pair will not be exported with the questionnaire, ensuring that your client or prospect won’t see them. 

To leave an internal comment, follow these steps:

  1. Open the questionnaire in HyperComply.
  2. Navigate the question where you want to leave a comment.
  3. Below the question, you will find a menu. Click on the “Comment” button, which will open a window displaying the comment thread.



  1. If you need to tag any team member use an “@” symbol in your comment. Anyone who has activated their invitation will appear as a user in your workspace. 
  2. Type out your comment and click "Comment" to post it to the thread. 


The tagged individual will receive an email notification with the question and your comment. Your team member can click on the link to be taken directly to your comment. 


If you do not see the user whom you are attempting to tag, you can learn how to invite a new user to your workspace here.

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