Complete All Fields When Submitting a New Questionnaire

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When submitting a new questionnaire to HyperComply, you may notice that the Due Date field is marked Optional. While a due date is not required to upload a file, it does result in some automated reminders for your team.

Be sure to include the date your questionnaire needs to be returned to the prospect/customer as the Due Date. This allows the Owner and any Assignees to receive email reminders prior to the necessary date of return. 

If no Owner is named, we will set the person who sent the email as the Owner in HyperComply. 


The email displays a summary of your team's question progress for the Owner to review, which provides more detail to the Owner about the status of the questionnaire. It also includes a link to click directly into the questionnaire from your inbox:



Any users who have been assigned a question or a number of questions in the questionnaire (Assignees) will receive an email with a link to the question(s) they are responsible for completing.



Completing all fields can also be helpful for your team internally. If you find that you or your team members want to ask questions about a specific file, but aren't sure who to ask, HyperComply can serve as a log for questionnaire owners. Looking through the Completed tab on your Evaluations page to find the Owner of a given file can be a helpful backlog to find the best point of contact for your question.

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