What if the online questionnaire has no "import" function?

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If the web-based questionnaire you are working on has the option to export, but not to import, there is a workaround you can use in lieu of completing the questionnaire without HyperComply (or spot-searching your Knowledge Base).


First, export the questionnaire from the online portal and upload to HyperComply.

The HyperComply team will import your questionnaire and send an email when it is ready for review. Review and complete the questionnaire as you normally would within the HyperComply web app. After you have approved all answers and marked the questionnaire as Complete, head back to the portal.


From there, you can use the HyperComply Form Assistant browser extension to complete each question. Since you have already approved all the answers for this exact questionnaire, they should be the first suggested answer as you highlight to search.



Input these new answers for each question, and you are good to go!

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