Release Notes: Structured Data and Office Hours

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March 19th, 2021
Hi, folks! If you're looking to clean up your Knowledge Base, ask questions about information security, or learn more about navigating HyperComply – we've got you covered.
Here's what we've been up to:
Compliance Information: Beta Testing
For those of you who are looking for the best way to clean up your Knowledge Base, the Compliance Information in your settings will help you get started. Contact our team at to turn on the beta version of this function.
We compiled the most commonly asked questions we've seen in areas like general business, product information, compliance details, and company policies. 
With this release, your team can set answers for these repeating questions from one convenient hub, creating a structured list of compliance data. We'll use these fields as our best source of data when answering your questionnaires. Whenever you need to update your answer to a commonly asked question, just update the field once and all future autocomplete will be based on your new entry.
In the Policies section, attaching your company’s relevant documents will result in a "Yes" autofilled for any questions asking whether your organization has established this policy. 
You can also include information about the testing and frequency of review for any given policy, and update these fields if your company practices change.
Standing office hours
For anyone afflicted by difficult security questionnaires or RFPs, our team is holding standing office hours to answer any questions you have.
Every Tuesday from 5 - 6 pm ET, we’ll be on Zoom ready to help you navigate the information security portion of your business. This can also include questions about establishing good security practices, setting up internal processes, and anything else in the infosec space. 
We welcome customers and non-customers alike, so feel free to bring your friends!


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