Release Notes: Browser Extension Updates

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January 22nd, 2021

Completing online security questionnaires with your HyperComply browser extension just got easier.
Whether you want to speed up your Knowledge Base search, filter your results, or increase the results you can see – we’ve got you covered.
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Highlight to search
So long, copy and paste! 👋 Simply highlight the text you’d like to search and the results appear right away. Our team is excited about the increased speed and usability with this update, and we hope yours is too.
Filter your results
To better understand where these answers are coming from, you can now filter between your internal documents and completed questionnaires.

This allows you to parse apart the data in your Knowledge Base right from our browser extension. If you want to pull answers from only questionnaires or policy documents, now you can!
Increased number of results
We increased the amount of results that appear from your search, so you can choose the answer that fits best. See up to 20 of your team’s prior answers in the sidebar and click to insert.
If you have any questions about these updates, or you’d like a refresher on our browser extension, send a quick email to at any time. 
I’m happy to introduce myself and help you out!
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