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June 4th, 2021

Slack, meet HyperComply! 👋 A match made in security questionnaire heaven. 
Hi, folks! Great news today for Slack users. With HyperComply's Slack integration, you can share questions with your team members via link or direct message. 
The best part? They can answer without ever leaving Slack. 
Send questions to team members 📲
Historically, collaboration in HyperComply was limited to Assigning and Commenting. These help to designate ownership and discuss context, but email notifications don’t carry the same immediacy as Slack.
If you need an answer quickly, now you can direct message the question instantly, or copy the link to a question and send to a channel or user.
Questions sent via Slack will deliver as a direct message from HyperComply.
Links can be sent to anyone at your company, though the ability to edit answers is always restricted to only users with connected accounts. 
You can also use the link provided to open the question & answer pairing within the HyperComply web app, and add your answer there!
Answer questions directly from Slack 💡
If you've been sent a question, you can add or edit an answer directly from Slack to update the questionnaire in real time.
If your organization uses Knowledge Segments, we’ve got you covered! Any segments assigned to the questionnaire will be displayed above the question on the Slack preview. 
Ready to collab in Slack? Learn how to set up the Slack integration here
And, as always, please reach out to with any questions. We love hearing from you! 🌻

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