Set an Expiration Date on your Documents

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Setting an expiration date on a document will automatically mark the document “Expired” on the date selected. 

This prevents the document from appearing in search results after the expiration date if it’s been marked “Searchable.” Once the document expires, the data it contains will no longer appear in search results.

Additionally, once expired, the document Owner will receive an email with a prompt to update the document in HyperComply.


To set an expiration date for your existing documents, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Documents page from the top right corner of your HyperComply workspace 
  2. Find the document in need of an expiration date (documents with no expiration date will list Expires: Never under the document name)
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit
  4. Type in an expiration date or select a date using the calendar (if the date has already passed, your document will automatically move to the Expired tab)
  5. Click “Finished”

The Expired tab on the Documents page contains old documents that are past their expiration date. The data in these documents no longer displays in your suggested search or anywhere else in your Knowledge Base. Users are not able to attach expired documents to their questionnaires.


This tab effectively acts as a historical record of previous versions of documents you may have attached to past questionnaires. You can delete these at any time by clicking the trash can icon.


The document Owner is the user who will be notified regarding document expiration. The Owner is automatically set They will be contacted via email two weeks prior to the document expiration date to prompt the user to replace the expired document.

If you would like to remove or change a document expiration date, click the pencil icon to edit. From here, you can change or delete the expiration date. A document with no expiration date never expires.


If you would like to expire a document, but not to be notified via email, you can manage your notification preferences by heading to Settings > Notifications. 

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