Release Notes: Doc Expiration, Search, and Version History

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Release Notes: Doc Expiration, Search, and Version History!
Hi, folks! With this release, we focussed on improvements to how you access the data in your Knowledge Base. Attach documents that are up to date, search with exact matching, and restore old versions of an answer – all with a couple clicks.
Document Expiration 📄
Policy documents change; it’s the nature of the beast. Keeping your company policies up to date is one thing, but replacing the outdated versions of those documents in multiple locations is a lift. Learn how HyperComply makes it easier here.
Now you’ll be prompted by HyperComply to update your documents – and, better yet, we’ll expire the old version before you do!
Rest assured that the data pulled from your policy documents will always be current.
Search Improvements 🔎
When you know exactly what you’re looking for, you want access right away. 
You can now search your Knowledge Base with exact string matching, so you can specify a phrase. When a phrase is given, results will include the phrase exactly as you’ve written it.
Type any key phrase in "quotation marks" within the search bar to try it out!
Answer Change Log 🧙‍♀️
Version history is here! In the Activity Feed for each question, you can view and reinstate previous versions of an answer.
Whether it was written by yourself or a teammate, you can review all previous versions of the answer provided. You can still review all of the activity, too!
Don’t miss…
  • Previewing PDFs in your Documents tab! (think: Quick Look)
  • An opportunity to ask questions at our office hours here
  • Our overviews of key workflows in HyperComply
Questions? Reach out to We love hearing from you! 🌻

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