Release Notes: Knowledge Expiration Dates

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Hi, folks! We’re focused on knowledge management here at HyperComply, building you tools to address one of the toughest challenges presented by security questionnaires: stale answers.
Knowledge Expiration Dates 🧠
Answers to security questionnaires change over time, evolving with your company’s security posture.

Set a Knowledge Expiration Date on questionnaires to reduce and prevent stale answers in your Knowledge Base: 
When knowledge in a questionnaire expires, its questions & answers (Q&A) are removed from the Knowledge Base, and will no longer appear in search suggestions or autocomplete answers. 
Questionnaires will always remain available in your account for record-keeping!

You can remove the Knowledge Expiration Date from a questionnaire at any time to add its contents back to the Knowledge Base. Learn more here.
Default Knowledge Expiration Date 📅
Setting a Default Knowledge Expiration Date for your org will help reduce and prevent stale answers from crowding your Knowledge Base. (More signal, less noise!) 

It functions as the default amount of time answers in a questionnaire are expected to stay relevant.
Finding the right Default Knowledge Expiration Date for your org will improve the quality and accuracy of answers on your future questionnaires. 
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  • Ready for beta? We’re releasing a Salesforce integration that your team may want to try. Email your CSM if you want to be included in beta testing, or book a meeting with your CSM to discuss adding this integration to your current package.
  • An opportunity to ask questions at our office hours here.
If you have any questions on the best expiration date for a file, or how to set an expiration date, reply to this email! We're happy to help 🌻

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