Release Notes: Filtering, design, and a request!

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Hi, folks! We recently released some user interface improvements to HyperComply, including stacked filtering and increased accessibility. Our integration with Salesforce is currently in beta, and we'd love your thoughts on expiration dates. 
Filtering Redesign 🖌
Have you noticed our filters look a bit different? We’re blushing! 🙈
To make stacking filters easier, we’ve launched a new UI for filtering. All filters are now accessible from a sidebar, where they are collapsable and interchangeable.
Keep your eyes out for NEW search filters with our next release! (Have an idea for a filter in HyperComply? Shoot your CSM an email.) These additional filters will aid in finding answers in your Knowledge Base efficiently. 
Additional design improvements 🧙🏽‍♂️
You saw our other UI improvements as well? Good eye 👁
We improved a number of accessibility components within HyperComply’s design. The font size increased in some areas, and we reduced colors that commonly cause vision problems. You’ll see a lot more purple around!
Beta testing: Salesforce Integration 🧠
Our Salesforce integration is here! You are now able to submit questionnaires to HyperComply and track their progress right from within a Salesforce Opportunity. This is included in our enterprise plans – ask your CSM about setting up the Salesforce integration.

We are currently beta testing this integration. Watch a ~2 minute preview here.
Feedback request: Knowledge Management, Expiration 🚮
In our last update, we launched expiration dates for documents and questionnaires in HyperComply with a goal to keep your Knowledge Base as evergreen as can be. 
Expiration dates help to archive outdated or inaccurate information and surface up-to-date answers, enabling you to have the highest accuracy rate possible.
What did you think? Can we buy you a coffee and chat?
If you have any questions on design, our Salesforce integration, or Knowledge Management – reply to this email! We'd love to help 🌻

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