Release Notes: Trust Signals, Advanced Filtering

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Hi folks! To improve your experience when searching for the right answer, we introduced trust signals on cards and new filters for search results. 
Our team would also like to extend the happiest of holidays to anyone celebrating this time of year. We couldn't do what we do without you all; we are so thankful!
Trust signals: Usage count & Last date used 🧠
We added trust signals to search results so you can quickly identify top-quality answers in your Knowledge Base!
See how many times an answer has been used, how recently it was used, when it was approved, and in which questionnaire it was originally answered.
New search filters 🔎
Reflecting on the year 2021 at HyperComply, we asked ourselves: Which improvement, if shipped, would make our users say "FINALLY"? 
The top choice? Increased capabilities to filter search results. 
Filter your results by recent usage, and (by popular demand), approval status. You can also apply an approval date range, or filter by Reference data.
If you segment your data, you can also toggle off any segments that are restricting your results to that segment's data pool. When toggled off, this opens up the search results to your whole Knowledge Base.
Have questions about filters on search results? Reach out to your CSM.
Happy holidays, to anyone celebrating this time of year! 🥳
Happy and safe holidays to anyone who's celebrating! As a reminder, our team will be off on the following days: Friday, December 24th and Friday, December 31st. Any additional time off will be reflected via Out of Office email notifications. 
Please note that any submissions, regardless of submission date, are returned on business days only. We request that you submit your files for completion as soon as you receive them to avoid delays during this holiday season!
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