Segmenting Data in the Knowledge Base

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If your team answers the same security question differently based on product, region, etc. you will need to silo your security answers using Segments.

This ensures that when answers are autofilled on future questionnaires, those answers are applicable to the new questionnaire. 

Without segmentation, any answers in your HyperComply Knowledge Base are eligible for autofill on future questionnaires.

(Note: Segmentation is not included on all HyperComply plans. If you do not see this feature in your workspace, please contact


Set up Knowledge Segments in HyperComply

Setting up segmentation for the first time in your account requires some forethought. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you require assistance.

To create your Knowledge Segments in your HyperComply account, first navigate to the Settings page using the top right corner of the page.

  • From Settings, select Knowledge Management from the navigation menu on the left side
  • Click the button that says “Create a new segment”


  • You will be prompted to provide a Segment Name and click “Save”
    • There are two main ways to name your segment. One is to name the segment the label of what you are selecting between, for example “Region” or “Product.” Another is to name the segment based on the proper nouns underneath those choices, for example “Europe” or “MicroSoft Azure.” 
  • After you click “Save,” you will be prompted to add Segment Values
    • If you named the segment “Region” or “Product,” your segment values will be a short list of all the regions you sell to or operate within, for example “Europe, North America, South America,” etc. If you named the segment based on these proper nouns, your segment values will be indicators as to whether or not this is applicable, for example “Yes, No” or “Contains, Does Not Contain.”
  • When you have all of your Segment Values entered and saved, click the checkmark to complete the segment
  • If you need to make any changes, click the pencil icon on the right side to Edit the segment


Your segments should look like this:



Or this (if you need to “stack” segments by applying more than one):


You are now able to apply a segment on all of your questionnaires and documents within your HyperComply account.



Apply Knowledge Segments to Questionnaires

  1. To apply a Knowledge Segment to a new questionnaire, begin your preferred questionnaire submission workflow.

Once you have uploaded the file, you will be prompted to select a segment. 


Once you select a segment and submit the questionnaire, the segment applied means that the autofill will only draw from other answers included in that segment. 


You cannot apply multiple segment values that are listed under the same segment name. For example, if your segment name is “Region” and your segment values are “Europe” and “North America,” you can only select one of either “Europe” or “North America.”

If your organization often receives questionnaires that are applicable to a number of your products, regions you operate in, or other triggers for answering the same security question differently, you should create “stackable” segments as outlined above. 

(Note: If your autofill rate is lower than expected, it may mean that there is little to no answer data available under the selected segment.)


  1. To apply a Knowledge Segment to an existing questionnaire, first navigate to the Questionnaires page from the top right corner of your HyperComply account.

On the Active tab, you will already see a pencil icon on the right side when you hover your cursor over the the questionnaire:


Click this to access the Edit menu.


From the Completed tab, you will need to click on the set of three dots to access the Edit menu:


Select a segment from the dropdown list at the bottom of the pop up menu and click “Finish.” 

Your segment has now been applied to your existing questionnaire! This means that any answers included in this questionnaire are now stored under this segment. 

This does not mean that any answers which may have been from other segments will be removed. None of the answers in the questionnaire will be changed. 



Apply Knowledge Segments to Documents

To apply a Knowledge Segment to a new document, first navigate to the Documents page on the top right corner of your HyperComply account.

  • By searching, sorting, or scrolling, identify the desired document 
  • Click the pencil icon on the right to Edit
  • Select a segment from the dropdown list(s)


  • Click “Finished” to save your segment selection

That’s it! The segment has now been applied to this document. If the document is Searchable, applicable results from the document will only appear in search results if the same segment is applied.



View search results from a different segment

  1. When completing a questionnaire in HyperComply, you may find a question to which you’d like to see possible answers outside of the current segment.

To do this, first click on “Search” at the top of the page to open up search results for this question. 

Click the Filter icon underneath the search bar. 


If there is a segment applied to this questionnaire, you will see the option to toggle that segment off.

When you toggle the segment off, you are looking at all of the possible answers from your Knowledge Base, regardless of segment. Be sure to toggle the segment back on for search results on subsequent questions if needed.


  1. You can apply segment values when searching through your Knowledge Base as well. 

When you enter the Knowledge Base page, any segments will be listed at the bottom of the Filters on the right hand side of the page.


Select any of these segments to filter your search results to include questions, answers, and documents from this segment only. 

You can stack these filters as needed.


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