Accepted Questionnaire File Formats

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You can upload the following file formats in the HyperComply app:

  • Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Word Doc (.doc, .docx)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Numbers (.numbers)
  • Google sheets

HyperComply Export Formats

When you export the completed questionnaire from HyperComply, you will download either an Excel or a Word doc, depending on the formatting and complexity of the submitted file.


File Conversion Table - from Upload to Export

The following table shows how each file is converted once it is uploaded in HyperComply and what file format you can expect in return.

Uploaded file format Exported Questionnaire format

Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Word Doc (.doc, .docx)

Excel (.xls, .xlsx) or Word Doc (.doc, .docx)

This depends on the content and arrangement of the Word Doc. Some Word Docs contain tables, radio answers, checkmarks, and other elements that are currently not supported in the app. In these cases, we will convert the Word Doc into Excel.

Adobe Pdf (.pdf)

Excel (.xls, .xlsx)


Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Google sheets

Excel (.xls, .xlsx)


Why does my exported questionnaire look different from what I uploaded?

Not all file types are the same and HyperComply's AI cannot recognize the different codings, formats, and/or wordings of all questionnaires that are submitted. When a file is submitted to us, we may need edit or reformat it in a way that allows our AI to properly read the questions and search your knowledge base for the best answers - if this is the case we always do our best to maintain a format as close to the original as possible. 






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