Submitting a New Questionnaire

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There are two ways to submit a file-based questionnaire to HyperComply for completion: 

  • Submit via the Web Application
  • Submit via the Salesforce (SFDC) integration. 

This article covers how to submit new questionnaires via the web application.


Web-based questionnaire submission is not covered in this article. To submit a web-based questionnaire for completion, read more about Web Portal Services here. 


Submit a new questionnaire via the Web Application

If you prefer to upload your files directly to the HyperComply web app, follow these steps:

  1. On the Questionnaires page select “New questionnaire” to the right of the search bar 
  2. Upload the file, and follow the steps by clicking “Next”.
    1. The Questionnaire Name will automatically be set to the file name, but you can customize this if desired.
    2. Select an Owner. The Owner is the user who is in charge of the questionnaire, and will be notified via email when the file has been AutoFilled and reviewed by HyperComply.
    3. Enter a Customer Name. A list of prior customer names is also available to select from, or create a new one.
    4. Enter a Due Date. This is the date your prospect or customer expects to receive the questionnaire back from your team. (Automatic reminders will be sent to the Owner and Assignees in advance of the Due Date.)
    5. You can optionally include an additional Note about the file for the HyperComply importing team.
    6. If you have the Segmentation feature activated for your workspace, select your Segment from the dropdown list. (If you do not have this feature and are interested in how to effectively segment your documents, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for additional information)
  3. Click Submit!



You will immediately see this file under the “in QA” status under the “Active” tab of your Questionnaires page:


Once the file has been imported, autofilled, and quality assured, the HyperComply team will send the Owner an email with a link to the pre-filled questionnaire for your team to review.

The return date will depend on your organization’s SLA with HyperComply. If you have any questions, or need clarity with your assigned SLA, please contact your CSM, ask an Admin from your HyperComply workspace, or submit a ticket to our support team on this site.


Automatic Reminders

Be sure to include the date your questionnaire needs to be returned to the customer as the Due Date. This allows the Owner and any Assignees to receive email reminders prior to the Due Date. 

The email notification provides a summary of your team's question progress for the Owner to review, which gives more insight to the Owner about the status of the questionnaire. It also includes a link to click directly into the questionnaire from your inbox:


Any users who have been assigned a question or a number of questions in the questionnaire (Assignees) will receive an email with a link to the question(s) they are responsible for completing.

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